Epidemics, Economics, and Elections

The Editorial Cartoons of John Scott Clubb and Elmer Messner

John Scott Clubb (1875-1934) and Elmer Messner (1901-1979) worked at the Rochester Times-Union as editorial cartoonists. Together, the lives of these two cartoonists span a century of change in the city of Rochester, the state of New York, and the United States as a whole. Looking beyond the brisk changes and innovations of their lives and work reveals patterns that still resonate today.

What were the factors that shaped their work, and how did their cartoons reflect and influence their times? What is the role of the editorial cartoon today?

This digital exhibit is a collaborative effort between Liz Call and Jody Sidlauskas in RIT Archives; Digital Humanities & Social Sciences Librarian, Rebekah Walker; and community member and donor, Melissa Corcoran Hopkins. We see it as a work in progress and will be partnering with several RIT classes to have students interact with the exhibit and the editorial cartoons collections. This digital exhibit will continue to be enhanced by students' responses to the cartoons and cartoonists.

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