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Tom Golisano leaning over Paychex, Inc. sign.

Blase Thomas Golisano (Tom) was born on November 14, 1941, in Irondequoit, a suburb of Rochester, New York. Exhibiting an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, Golisano went on to spearhead many successful business ventures.

While business may seem to be at the forefront of Golisano's activities, he is also a major philanthropist and a fierce advocate for Disability Rights. In addition to his work in business, philanthropy, and activism, Golisano also works within the realms of professional sports and politics.

In continuing his involvement in so many aspects of community and societal service, Tom Golisano has cemented his reputation as a change-maker, moving into the future one transformative step at a time. 

In-depth research based on the B. Thomas Golisano Collection, housed in the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Archives is presented in the following exhibit. Donated to the Archives in 2015, this special collection follows the multi-faceted life of its namesake, in both personal and professional realms. The RIT Archives are proud to house this collection and share it in a curated fashion through this exhibit. While this exhibit is meant to serve as an overview of Tom Golisano's most transformative moments, it is crucial to note that this is a growing and evolving collection with more to be highlighted in the future.